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For my first daily create this week I did the assignment “A Dream Staircase”. I really enjoyed doing this daily create because I have many goals that I want to accomplish in life. My dream staircase has eight different steps. My first step is to graduate from college, which I will accomplish in May of this year. For my second step me dream would be to travel the world and see different bucket list sights and places. My third step is to find a “big” girl job and make some actually good money. The fourth step is to pay off my car and my fifth step is to own a pet of my own. My last three steps is to find a husband and get married, to buy a house with my husband, and to start a family with my husband.

A dream staircase

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My second daily create I accomplished for this week was “Junk Mail Art”. I found this assignment really easy. The first thing I did was walk down the driveway go out to my mailbox and grab the mail that was delivered today. I then went through the mail and found all the junk mail and laid it out to the side of the important mail. Then I arranged all of the junk mail that was delivered today on top of each other to make a fancy looking shape.

Junk Mail art

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One thought on “Daily Create

  1. Stephanie White

    I absolutely love your “dream staircase”. I think that it is great that you have ambition and direction and know what you want to achieve in your future. I think that it is very important to see your goals written out, so it may be easier to achieve them. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. I also really enjoyed your junk mail daily create. Keep up the good work!


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