Vignelli Canon

The Vignelli Canon represents the best of the best in design. This type of approach toward design incorporates classic designs that has timelessness and intellectual elegance that withstands the test of time. It allows a designer to look at every aspect of his design. It places great emphasis on the details with the design and allow the positivity to flow through the design. The designer has a license to use the boldness of colors, texture, material, scale, font, layout and sequence to develop the design. The Vegnelli Canon allows a designer to have the freedom to think outside the box using classic designs that keep the world of design fresh, alive and relevant.


One thought on “Vignelli Canon

  1. Aubrey Howland

    I like your summarization of the major points in Vignelli’s Canon. Which point was your favorite? Mine was the use of white space. Isn’t it interesting how something we’ve overlooked has such a different meaning when you look at it from a different perspective?!


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