Radio Show Design Project

For my group, Eagles In The Dark, I created a radio show poster based on the most wanted criminals. I based my poster on the most wanted because our radio show is going to be centered around finding the most wanted criminals. I first found an online poster template on Word and then I found a picture of a sign that said “The Most Wanted” on it and put it in the middle of the poster. Then at the bottom of the poster I added all six of my group members names which include Sharla Hargis, Amanda Thacker, Kassia Rivera, Abigail Deaconson, Patrick Boyle and Cheyanne McKinney and the date that our radio show was will be released which is June 5th, 2015. For my bumper sticker, I created a bumper stick on PowerPoint that had the words “Most Wanted” on it in dark black writing with a neon yellow background along with a set of silver handcuffs on the side of the bumper sticker. I thought this would be perfect for my bumper sticker because our radio show is going to be all about the most wanted and capturing and handcuffing them so that we can take them to jail. Then for my logo, I decided to do a picture of an eagle flying out into the darkness. I first went online and found a picture of an eagle flying off into the dark night. Then I went on the PowerPoint and inserted a circle shape along with my dark eagle picture and then I add my group’s name the Eagles In The Dark below the picture. I decided to put an eagle flying out into the dark as our logo because our group name is Eagles In The Dark.

mosted wanted poster


eagles logo


2 thoughts on “Radio Show Design Project

  1. Sharla

    Hey Cheyanne! Love the work you did, my favorite is the dark poster. Very Noir-ish, captures what we’re working on perfectly. I wish we all could have agreed on an actual title for the show but maybe we can work that detail out later. Either way, really creative and I love it!


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