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Happy Birthday, Black!

For my first daily create I completed the assignment to make Tutor Maggie Black a birthday card for her birthday this past week. I first started my card on PowerPoint and then I went online to find a picture of a black cat since her last name is Black. After that I wrote a little message to her wishing her a fantastic birthday. I hope you end up having a wonderful birthday Tutor Maggie Black.

#dailycreate #tdc1179


For my second daily create this week I completed the “Save Noddy” assignment. I first started off with finding out who Noddy was. Then I went online to find the perfect picture of someone who was going to help save Noddy. After finding my picture I photoshopped Noddy in to the photo of the man helping save Noddy by letting him get out of the garbage can. Once I was done with my photoshopping I uploaded my picture to flickr.

#dailycreate #tdc1181

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