Daily Create

For this daily create I had to make a marshmallow sculpture, show how I made it step by step, and then upload a video of me doing this on YouTube. To begin my sculpture I started off with a couple of marshmallows, and then I began transferring each marshmallow onto a red plate to create a marshmallow sculpture. As I made my marshmallow sculpture I filmed each step in the process with my iPhone 6 Plus, and then I uploaded my video on the YouTube channel online for others to view this activity. At the conclusion of my video, if you watch it, you will come to realize the object that I created was a cute, little heart shaped sculpture.

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My different sides

For this daily create I had to show different sides of myself in a collage of pictures. The two pictures I choose to depict my two different sides of myself was a picture of me when I did competitive gymnastics at my local gymnastics center when I was on team as a Level 5 and the second picture is a picture of me coaching at the same gymnastics center this past summer as a summer camp gymnastics coach. This collage shows two different sides of myself because I was once I a gymnasts at this gym and now I’m coaching at the same gym .

#dailycreate #tdc1157


Your favourite moment in the past week

For this daily create assignment this week I had to make a abstract sketch of my favorite moment this past week. My favorite moment this past week was receiving an A+ on a business test. This was my favorite moment this past week because I studied really hard for this test and to receive an A+ was very rewarding for me and this moment made me really feel that hard work really does pay off in the end especially when it comes to a super hard test during the week.

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