For my first assignment I did the visual assignment “Summarize A Movie With Animated Gifs”, worth five stars. For this assignment I included my noir character, Nicolette Scott, and Cody Walker’s noir character, Vincenzo DeMartino. For this assignment I had to summarize a movie with Gifs and I chose to do the movie Scarface. I picked this movie because my character is a femme fatale and his character was a mobster, which perfectly fit the Scarface scene before Tony Montano dies. The clips below show the scene when Tony was holding the woman in his arm before she dies in cold blood and then the next scene shows Tony picking up the gun and shooting everyone inside the mansion and the last scene shows the Skull character shooting and killing Tony Montano and he falls face first into a pool and then he becomes surrounded by blood.

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For my second visual assignment I did the picture assignment What’s In Your Bag? that is worth three stars. Below I took a picture of what I think would be in Nicolette Scott’s purse my noir character and Victoire Absinthe’s purse Megan’s noir character. Inside the purse I believe would be red lipstick for Nicolette, dark sunglasses for Victoire, a black hairbrush for both Nicolette and Victoire because they both have long dark hair, black gloves for both characters because they are dark femme fatale’s, and a leopard print wallet to show both character’s dark side. I think all these objects would definitely be in both Nicolette’s and Victoire’s purse to depict what they would have in their purse to get through their everyday life.

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For my final assignment I did the visual assignment Fat Cats Make Art Better which is worth 2 ½ stars. For this assignment I incorporate my character Nicolette Scott and Stephanie’s character Shirley Mayfield. For Fat Cats Make Art Better I had to go online to website and find a picture of a fat cat then I inserted a picture of Shirley Mayfield and a picture of Nicolette Scott below the angel fat cat like she was watching over Shirley and Nicolette from the heavens. I think this was the perfect fat cat picture because Shirley and Nicolette are not always doing the right thing in life and they really do need someone to watch over them from above.

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2 thoughts on “Assignments

  1. Janelle Pierangelino

    I do like the collage you have first, but since there is no description with it I am left to assume that this is portraying the life a your possible femme fatale character indicated by the girl with the lipstick. Make it clear to your audience what this collage represents. You have great photos and I can see somewhat of a story, but help guide or steer that story.

  2. Paul

    I see pictures, but without any description, explanation or narration I don’t know what to make of them. What were the assignments about? Why did you choose them? How did you go about creating these images? What thoughts and decisions went into the process? So many unanswered questions…


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