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This week I did a two star web based assignment called “You’re A Pinteresting Character”. For this assignment I had to create a Pinterest account for my noir character Nicolette Scott. Then I had to do at least twenty different pins for Nicolette. Some of the pins that I pinned were pictures of high heels, femme fatales, and red lipsticks. As you look through my Pinterest site I set up for Nicolette you will be able to get to know her a little bit better.

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Nicolette Scott

For three stars this week I did the “Character Resume” assignment for my noir character Nicolette Scott. I first began by finding a template for a resume on Word. After that I started filling it out for her by listing her skills, education, and experience. After you look over Nicolette’s resume you will be able to learn some more background information about her and her life up to the present.

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I worked really hard to create my blog.
If you scroll down you can even find a picture of a dog.
My blog background is pink leopard print.
Once Sunday comes around I’m really spent.
My noir character is Nicolette Scott.
I wouldn’t mess with her you might get shot.
I graduate at the beginning of May.
Did I mention that Nicolette loves hair spray?
I can’t wait for this class to be done.
Although I have had a lot of fun.

For my two star assignment I completed “Your Blog In A Poem”. I wrote my poem about my WordPress blog I created at the beginning of the semester. In my poem I describe what the background of my blog site is as well as talk a little bit about my noir character Nicolette Scott. As you continue to read my blog you will learn that I will be graduating in May and I am really thrilled about that fact.

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For three stars this week I completed the “Create A Warning Poster”. I decided to do a warning poster that I see quite often on vacation “WARNING DANGER! CAUTION ALLIGATORS IN THE WATER” “NO SWIMMING IS PERMITTED”. With summer rapidly approaching I thought this would be the best warning poster to create so that people would be aware that there are alligators in the water and that they should not being swimming in the water.

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